Krab Load – A New Street Food Concept Comes to Jeddah

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Krab Load is a fairly new concept in town, where foodies come together to enjoy a day of themed food awesomeness. There have been 3 events till date which included a BBQ theme, a Tex-Mex theme, and yesterday’s theme which focused on all sorts of street food.

Located at Take Off RC Club (across Red Sea Mall), Krab Load buzzed with families and friends enjoying a variety of food options such as fries, hotdogs, falafel, cinnamon buns and even ice cream. Most of the food stalls were set up by Instagram chefs and bakers who brought their creative juices together to offer scrumptious delights for all.

All that was required was for individuals to buy tickets at the ticket booth ranging from SR 50 – SR 100 (depending on the age group) where they would then receive coupons worth SR 5 that they could use to buy food and drinks. There were also several activities such as Saudi Bubble Games, an outdoor theatre and fun music. The timings were between 5 – 10 p.m.

It’s an exciting take on street food and we look forward to the next Krab Load event, which will hopefully take place after summer, as stated by the founders Sulaiman and Moumen.

Twitter: @KrabLoad
Instagram: KrabLoad

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