By Johara Al Mogbel

April was a good month. Odd, but good. The weather’s been fluctuating, giving us a break before summer comes along and positively scorches us, our pool’s being put to good use (yay!) and we got to scratch off a number of restaurants on our To Try list.

First up, Kitchenation, in the Mira Hotel on Tahlia Street. We found out about this restaurant from a snapchat and what we could see from the decor was so intriguing we spent the next three weeks planning (and failing) to go there and scout the place. After much serendipity, we went! And we enjoyed it so much we went again. In the same week. Yes. (It’s a fun place, and their placemats do double duty as a beloved childhood game. We approve.)

The first visit we ordered the club sandwich, trio of baby burgers, fried shrimp, caramel cheesecake and chocolate souffle. Second visit, iskendar kebap pizza, margherita pizza, burger with the works, fried shrimp (again), and baby burger trio (also again). Any guesses on what our favorite orders were?

If we go back, definitely ordering the mini burgers and the iskendar kebap pizza again. Also, we recommend the fresh juices but says stay away from the mixed cocktails, they taste like tang, apparently.

Now, as for their dessert… Okay. Here’s the thing. Their display is gorgeous. There’s a counter with all the available desserts, and everything looked so pretty we judged based on looks. Don’t do that. Don’t ever do that. You might end up in bitter disappointment. Hah! bitter over sweets, hahaha heh… heh. Erm. Amza7.

We also had the lollipop brownies to go, and discovered they had nuts in them. And was bland as well. We’d like to point out that they all look homemade, so points go for that, and the plates come decorated beautifully. Asides from that, we really hope they improve their dessert to taste as good as it looks, the place would be positively marvelous then.

FUN: the restaurant is a Turkish franchise, which is interesting.


Service was also decent, they get slightly crowded on Friday at lunchtime but not horribly so, the food gets delivered really quickly nonetheless and there’s a window were you can see your food cooked and the chef hanging out. They don’t allow reservations which is acceptable so far, the restaurant isn’t known yet and is usually empty during the week, but we do hope they change their policy regardless.

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