Kiddie Meals

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We asked Colonel Sanders for his go to kids’ meal and he delivered. Though, we’re not sure what exactly makes it a kid’s meal per say.

Portion: One piece of chicken and fries was quite fulfilling 4/4
Toy: None, which defies the purpose.
Bonus: This is not a bonus as much as it is a drawback, but we fail to see what makes this a kid’s meal. No fun box and no fun toy make your kid a very sad boy.

McDonald’s Happy Meal

macdonnaldsAh! The trusty ol’ happy meal. Very few things make a child happier than Mickey D’s large golden arches.

Portions: Not suitable for adults. 3/4
Toy: Happy meals have always had brilliant toys. 4/4
Bonus: No bonuses.

Herfy Kids Meal

I don’t care what anyone says, Herfy has always and will always continue to kill it. Freshness and consistency. To be fair though, I think my love for Herfy is a direct result of my parents preferring it over other fast-food joints.

Portions: Good enough for an 11-year old. 3/4
Toy: Less of a toy more of a keychain, but points for nostalgia. Go Sonic!
Bonus: The default drink is juice, which is a big plus.


What’s more Saudi than Kudu? Well a lot of things, but Kudu’s definitely up there when it comes to fast-food. We try and always root for these guys as the underdog of every race, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Portions: The burger was smaller than the fries, which is quite a feat. 2/4
Toy: No toy, but they did have an extra cool 3D cup and coaster. What kid doesn’t love a coaster, right? 0/4
Bonus: You can substitute the fries with veggies.

Burger King

YES, Burger King, yes! This is how you do it right. Dear other fast-food restaurants, please take note.

Portions: Enough for children and small stomached adults.
Toy: A Troll’s toy is relevant – with the release of the movie – as well as gender neutral. 5/4
Bonus: A clean design.


hardees-kids-mealI mean… Really, guys? Hardees really needs to update its kid’s meal. I think they’ve been rocking that kid’s meal design since the ‘70s.

Portions: Decent. 3/4
Toy: Nope. 0/4
Bonus: I got nothing.

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