Join Catwalk in AlUla in support of the Arabian Leopard

Community members and visitors are invited to join Catwalk on 6th November.  A fun, free, open-to-all, 7km or 700m walk or run, Catwalk is Catmosphere Foundation’s inaugural campaign.

  • AlUla’s 7km Catwalk will take place in the Sharaan Nature Reserve while the 700m Catwalk Cubs will take place in AlUla Oasis
  • Catmosphere Foundation was created by the Saudi Ambassador to the United States of America HRH Princess Reema Bandar Al Saud to raise awareness for critically endangered Big Cats, including the Arabian Leopard

oasis-12Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 04 November 2021: Visitors, residents, and wildlife lovers are invited to join Catwalk, a 7km walk, in AlUla’s protected Sharaan Nature Reserve to show their support for the endangered Arabian Leopard.  Residents and visitors can join staff from the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) to walk through the stunning Sharaan Nature Reserve, accompanied by rangers.

Parents with young children or families with elderly relatives can take part in Catwalk Cubs, a shorter 700m walk combined with a fun activity at the AlUla Oasis, starting at the Orange Road.

sharaan-1A fun, free, open-to-all, 7km or 700m walk or run, Catwalk’s aim is to activate fitness and learning, and in doing so create a community that is not only informed but also invested, and whose engagement in the support of Big Cat conservation becomes ongoing.  Catwalks will take place globally on 6th November 2021.arabian-leopard-baby-cub-5-mos-1

Catmosphere’s Founder and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States Reema Bandar Al Saud says: “What’s unique about Catwalk is that we are crafting creative partnerships to align unlikely mandates, and one example of that is how Catwalk is aligning health and well-being to Big Cat conservation.”

oasis-5Catwalk supports AlUla’s goal to become a global benchmark destination for environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. Efforts to protect the Arabian Leopard are central to the success of the RCU’s AlUla project and its far-reaching environmental and sustainability goals.

Dr. Ahmed Almalki, Nature Reserve Director, said: “AlUla Catwalk, taking place at the Sharaan Nature Reserve and AlUla Oasis, is a wonderful opportunity for members of the AlUla community and visitors to explore the stunning natural environment and to demonstrate their support for ongoing work to protect the Arabian Leopard, as well as other endangered Big Cats worldwide.

Vue sur la palmeraire devant le site de Dadan.

Vue sur la palmeraire devant le site de Dadan.

The recent birth of an Arabian Leopard cub at a specialist breeding center in Taif represents a bright future for the project’s ambitions to conserve the species and successfully reintroduce it to its natural habitat in the mountains of AlUla.

One of the rarest animals on the planet, the Arabian Leopard is officially classified as ‘critically endangered’ – just one step above extinct – with fewer than 200 thought to be living in the wild.arabian-leopard-baby-cub-at-5-mos-3-photo-credits-to-aline-coquelle

RCU has already committed USD 25 million to the Arabian Leopard Fund, an independent organization launched by the Commission to work across the leopard’s home range to save the species.

“The Arabian Leopard is a symbol of our long-term goals to revitalize AlUla through conservation projects that emphasize a deep connection, balance, and harmony with the natural world. We look forward to welcoming local families, residents of all ages, and visitors to explore the beauty of the Sharaan Nature Reserve and AlUla Oasis, to learn more about these unique places and raise awareness about the need to conserve and protect the natural world around us now and for future generations to come,” said Dr. Almalki.

sharaan-2Anyone interested in participating in Catwalk at the Sharaan Nature Reserve and AlUla Oasis can sign up at:

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