A Jeddawi On A Budget: How To Stay Entertained

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Fun on a Budget

Fun shouldn’t be limited to money, just cause you are tight on your budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Aside from the cliché solutions of, reading, starting a new series and hanging out with friends indoors, here are a few entertaining activities that you may do without harming your pocket.


You are going to have fun, meet new people and help others! Look at you making the most of your time; we are so proud. Here are some places that always welcome volunteers.

  • Islamic Art Workshops by Art Jameel
    They happen mostly every month in Balad.
    Contact: hta@artjameel.com
  • Mawakeb Al Ajer:
    Mawakeb Al Ajer and Aytamona are also looking for volunteers for the latter’s upcoming event on Feb. 4-6
    Tel: +966-12-6061531
    Tel: +966-12-6064364
    Mob: +966-552412167
    Instagram: aytamona
  • Zamzam Charity for health aid
    Web: zmzm.org
  • Friends of Jeddah Parks
    Their My Library program is open for volunteers.
    Contact: atp@fjp.sa

Going to local events

Jeddah is well known for its various events throughout the year. They are usually for free, at least upon entry, and they are a lot of fun, make sure you check out our events calendar.

  • We sure hope you went to the Kuna Keda event.
  • Brace yourselves for Help Center’s District 16 Jan. 19-21 and their Marathon on Jan. 28. Instagram: helpcenterksa
  • Jeddah Art Week 21,39, starting Feb. 10. , is a must as well.

Consulates over here are a rich source of events as well; check websites of different ones to find out about their current happenings.


Downloading multiple players game apps

The options are endless for this one. What good is technology if it doesn’t allow you to have fun with your friends? Whether it is on Google Play Store or the ios App Store, you are bound to find games that need multiple players.

Our favorites are:

  • Words with Friends
  • Heads Up (choose the free categories)
  • Touch Hockey: FS5
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Hearthstone
Photo Credit: gizmodo.co.uk

Photo Credit: gizmodo.co.uk

Watching and then actually making the stuff on tutorials

We know you are on YouTube watching cat videos so why not make the most of it anyways.

  • Origami: Because paper rocks!

  • Cooking: Your own Julie and Julia project (minus the actual cookbook).
    Here, start with something fast and simple.

  • Tie and Dye: Here’s all you need.
    Head to Souq Al Shatea’ and find:
  1. Dye / Buckets / Containers to pour the dye
  2. Cloth: an old plain garment will do just fine
  3. Rubber bands: they are everywhere

  • Technology mumbo jumbo: You can turn your Smartphone into a 3D hologram! Yes, we are very excited about this.

If you are looking for cool workshops check out Nawa Space nawaspace.com
or contact Humming Tree at Mariam.alabbas@gmail.com

hLet us know what you have tried. Have fun.

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