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Jeddahwis Reveal The Right Way to Al Baik

Photo Credit: iyadhconnect Photo Credit: iyadhconnect

Riyadhis, take note.

The big news is that Al Baik has finally opened in Riyadh – congrats! As a commemorative gift to Riyadhis, we’ve written down our secrets of the Al Baik experience. After decades of enjoying Al Baik, us Jeddahwis know what we’re talking about.

Photo Credit:  Efren Rodriguez

Photo Credit: Efren Rodriguez

  • Garlic sauce is a must.

Always pay a few extra riyals for more garlic sauce. Every Al Baik session should have an abundance of the sauce that makes it unique from other fried chicken restaurants.

Pro tip: Ease up on the garlic if you’re meeting people. Don’t be “that” person.


  • Craft your own burger.

Al Baik buns are perfect for making burgers with the chicken or nuggets. Layer it with garlic sauce and French fries.

Pro tip: Add pickles if you have any at home, you don’t need much else.

  • Reach for the

It’s not the healthiest thing, but if you don’t mind having some, Pepsi will elevate the Al Baik experience for you.

  • Al Baik is notorious for it’s lines.

Lunch and dinner hours are super busy at Al Baik. Their top notch service is provided by an amazing staff, but you still have to brace yourself for a long wait.

Pro tip: It could be a little quicker if you order from the ladies section – so take your sister or female fam with you.

  • Hot, hot fries.

Hot and fresh is the way to go for enjoying Al Baik fries, preferably in the first 20 minutes.

Pro tip: Treat yourself to some quick bites of fresh fries on your way back home. You deserve it!

Photo Credit: Sherwyn Hatab

Photo Credit: Sherwyn Hatab

  • Recycle the packaging.

Be a friend to the environment by repurposing Al Baik containers instead of throwing them out.

Pro tip: it’s good karma.

  • Don’t microwave to reheat.

Using the microwave to reheat will take away the crispiness and make your chicken and fries stiff. Pre-heat the oven to 200 °C / 400 °F. Heat for 5-10 minutes.

Pro-tip: Leave the chicken out in room temperature while the oven heats.

Enjoy and welcome to the Al Baik clan!

Ordering for 3-5 people? Here’s a checklist!

  • 1 Large Al Baik Chicken Meal
  • 1 Large Nuggets
  • 1-2 Hummus
  • 2-3 Riyals Extra Garlic
  • 2 Riyals Extra Bun

You can also order corn and drinks per person if you like.


These local Youtubers made pizza using all-things Al Baik. We’re loving it!

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