Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Jeddah: Parks for Days, Walkways for Miles

Jeddah: Parks for Days, Walkways for Miles

Over the years, Jeddah has made huge leaps in its development. Where there were empty lots, parks and walkways stand.

If you love spending time outdoors and discovering more of your city, here are some places where you can start:


Find out more about the walkways in Jeddah, in my friend’s article HERE.


During 2009- 2010, Friends of Jeddah Parks in collaboration with Jeddah Municipality and a few other organizations started an initiative to build 100 parks in 100 days, a garden per week at an average.

With the attendance of Eng. Ibrahim Bin Khalil Kutobkhanah, Deputy Mayor for Reconstructions & Projects and Dr. Bahjat Bin Hamou, General Manager, Gardens, Landscaping and Municipal Utilities, the opening of Al Nawras Park ceremony was celebrated on Wednesday 18th November 2009.

These are a few of the very well known, if not all the parks around town:

Amira Park for Ladies and kids:

This park is managed by Friends of Jeddah Parks and they frequently hold a variety of activities there. The aim is to provide the locals in the district, with a place to grow and connect as a community. My Library Jeddah recently opened a reading van program there; six local girls were taught reading skills and they in turn are teaching the district kids to read through a set program. Read more about it here.

Rawdah Park: 

This secluded park right behind Rawdah Street is the perfect barbecue spot. It offers privacy and quite a bit of ground to run around and have fun.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.32.32 AM

Corniche Parks:

There are a number of parks on the Corniche. One on Andalus, it is quite small and new. The design is quite unique; shade umbrellas and seating areas.

Then there’s a huge expanse of land while coming back on Andalus Road. It’s near the Lanterns’ roundabout. You see a lot of families there on the weekend, chilling and the kids playing on swings and slides and rocks to climb.


With all the developments happening, there’s a plan to have a park in every district.



Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to explore numerous areas of a park in a relatively short time.

You can also take a walk with a partner or even alone, collect fallen leaves and twigs and create a nature mandala. It’s fun yet meditative.


Classic Park Activities:

It’s always good to go out and have fun whether it’s with friends or with family. I remember running to swings and slides and monkey bars when we used to go out on the weekends. I still love the giddy feeling of going down a slide. These activities shouldn’t have to stop once you’re older.


Build Something Together

There is a strong sense of connection and fulfillment when you build something together. Next time you go to a park, try having a group activity where you can either build up-cycled bird feeders or houses for them. You can also try and revamp an old derelict park with your local community.


Challenges & Obstacle Courses:

Break up into teams for a relay race. Designate age groups for foot or bicycle races. Bring a few simple props and set up your own family field day. Here are some examples:

  • Hula-hoops or jump ropes for an endurance challenge
  • Eggs and spoons for a balance-testing relay challenge
  • Plastic cups and water for a balancing-on-the-head race challenge
  • Rope for tug-of-war and three-legged race



Remember to leave only footprints (not muddy ones). Remember to be mindful of your surroundings, other people who use the facilities and places, and of your environment. It’s the only way to give back to your community and city: being mindful.

To know more about parks near your place click here


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