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Jeddah Now Has A 5000 Riyal Burger

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The price tag has baffled Saudi Twitter users.

A well-cooked charcoaled burger with a sizeable side of fries is a foodie’s dream, but apparently, it is not enough for some.

News about the SR 5000 burger broke out when well-known Saudi journalist Abdul Mohsen Al Tamimi tweeted about the burger being served at Ritz-Carlton Jeddah. We couldn’t believe it ourselves so we called the hotel to confirm and much to our surprise the reports are true.

The ‘Royal Burger’ is probably one of the most, if not the most, expensive dish in Jeddah. It is being served in the Reyhana restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton.

The burger is made with high-end ingredients such as black truffle, wild mushrooms, Foie gras, Kobe beef, gruyere cheese, caviar and flaked gold leaf. Yes, there is actual gold in that burger.

Twitter has had some interesting reactions to the burger. A user tweeted “I wonder how this person will feel in a few hours after the SR5000 is digested,”

“People, please stop these stupid comments, these royal foods are available all over the globe!” another person chipped in.

So if you have 5000 riyals to blow and want an ice-breaking story that you can intrigue everyone around you with, then you know just where to go.

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