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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Jeddah Is Food Truckin’

Jeddah Is Food Truckin’

The trend has finally hit off in our city! Time to track down your next meal on wheels!

Food trucks are broadening our experience with food in Jeddah. Once or twice we saw food trucks whizzing past us on the road, and now there are certain areas of the city where you’ll easily find a truck waiting with open windows.

So, when is mealtime?
You may be wondering about the best time to find these food trucks. The best way to find out is to keep tabs on their social media pages to see where they’ll be serving next and when!

Khalti Noura

khalti-nouraThis unique food truck sells a bit of everything, from the traditional Karak drink and Gareesh to their famous Nutella balls. Enjoy the variety of goodies they offer.

Location: Ahmad Al Attas St.
Mob: +966-552038102
Instagram: khaltinoura

Al Omdah

al-omdah-friesThis food truck serves a variety of dishes but they specialize in french fries. The fries are topped with sauces of your choice including cheese sauce, chili sauce and others.

Location: Al Zhara Dis.
Mob: +966-595107274
Instagram: al_omdah123

Panda Burger

panda-burgerChef Talal’s truck serves delicious burgers with cheesy fries and variety of sauces.

Pull Over Here: Batterjee St.
Mob: +966-544775523
Instagram: Panda_burger11

The Shift

This incredible food truck was started in Makkah but The Shift has a regular stop in Jeddah. They stand out for their confident branding and mouthwatering burgers! They usually serve in the evening. At the truck you’ll find beef burgers, fried chicken sandwich, fries, hot dog and grilled cheese sandwich.

Pull Over Here: North Obhur, Bahadur Resort and Batarji St.
Instagram: theshift.2017

The Cube

Their name was inspired by the idea of ice cubes. Muhammad Abdullah, the man behind the concept, said he was inspired to run a food truck after coming across the concept on his travels. Back then food trucks were unheard of in the Kingdom, he comments, “An Icelandic friend by the name of Darren helped me understand how it works.” The Cube serves hot and cold beverages, imported gelato, crepes, waffles and more!

Pull Over Here: Prince Sultan St., in front of Aya Mall on weekdays, Obhur on weekends.
Mob: +966-560800092
Instagram: thecube_sa

Jeddah Burger

The food truck was launched almost a year ago. Abdulmajeed, the founder of Jeddah Burger, said, “There is a future for food trucks, especially since it’s such a youthful idea. And people love local efforts.” Jeddah Burger serves fresh burgers, hotdogs and fries.

Pull Over Here: Fallak Roundabout
Mob: +966-561950898 / +966-580556663
Instagram: jeddahburger

Street Chef

After years of effort, Street Chef was apparently the first licensed food truck in Saudi. Ahmad Mesawa, a popular food reviewer on social media, was inspired to launch his own truck because of his love for food. Street Chef has quickly become popular for its homemade style approach to high quality food. Aside from burgers and hotdogs, they serve smoked brisket sandwiches.

Pull Over Here: Prince Sultan St., in front of Aya Mall
Instagram: streetchefsa

Chef Truck

The truck was started by Adnan Yamani, who gained a lot of fame while competing in Top Chef Arabia. Chef Truck’s beef burgers and chicken sandwiches are created with great attention to detail and taste as good as they look.

Pull Over Here: Prince Sultan St., in front of Aya Mall
Mob: +966-502577725

Caravan Burger

caravan-burger-food-truck-jeddah-2017-lm-02Another burger food truck that’s doing the rounds. Their beef and chicken burgers are quite juicy and fulfilling.

Pull Over Here: At Obhur in front of Crystal Beach Resort
Mob: +966-568069000
Instagram: caravan_burger


boom-food-truck-jeddah-2017-lm-14A funky looking truck that serves simple yet enjoyable meals. Their specialties are sandwiches, hotdogs, hot beverages, cookies and more.

Pull Over Here: South Obhur
Mob: +966-506797301
Instagram: boom.truck

Crazy Burger

If burgers are your thing, better check out this truck. They serve burgers, cheesy burgers and Middle Eastern appetizers like stuffed grapevine leaves and cabbage.

Pull Over Here: North of Al Hamdaniyah Main Rd.
Mob: +966-564900018
Instagram: crazy__burgers

Mr. Potatoo

A menu fit for any potato addict; French fries, mashed potatoes with toppings and nuggets.

Pull Over Here: Al Muhammadiyah Dist.
Instagram: mr.potatoo

The Burger Truck

You’ll know them by the big sign at the stop. The Burger Truck serves hand crafted beef burgers and freshly cut fries.

Pull Over Here: Al Corniche Rd., Near Obhur Garden
Instagram: burger_truck_jeddah

Patty and Grill

pattyandgrillThe toasted buns add a nice crispy touch to the beef burgers. Served with fries.

Pull Over Here: Behind Al Sawary Mall
Instagram: pattyandgrill

Serial Griller

The women who started the truck joke that they’re “always looking for the next burger victim.” They provide live catering service as well.

On the Menu: Single and double burgers and fries.
Pull Over Here: Behind Al Sawary Mall
Instagram: s.griller

Project Food Truck

projectLit up with neon lights, this truck sells a bit of all our addictions; burgers, pancakes, cookers and shakes. They also sell imported goodies like Lindt Hello.

Pull Over Here: Behind Al Sawary Mall
Mob: +966-568069000
Instagram: project.ksa

Food Garage

Chef Samer’s truck serves steak burgers and sandwiches.

Pull Over Here: Prince Sultan St., in front of Aya Mall
Instagram: food_truck_ksa

Razi’s Truck

raziTheir baby pink truck offers tempting desserts like mini pancakes, cookies and coffee. The cool thing is its run by women and you can book them for private events.

Pull Over Here: On Ahmed Al Attas St., Near Souq Shatea
Instagram: razistruck

Dr. Fele

Dr. Fele is easily the sweetest truck on the block. They serve a variety of freshly made desserts that we can’t get enough of. A look at their Instagram will leave you wanting for waffles, pancakes and crepe.

Pull Over Here: Prince Sultan St., near Aya Mall, and Kanz Obhur on weekends.
Instagram: dr.fele

Purple Snow

Purple Snow ice cream food truck that’s perfect for the summer heat. They also serve crepe.

Instagram: purple_snow0


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