In The Loving Memory Of Hamza Iskander

Yesterday, the world lost a young man who carried an illustrious beacon of hope and positivity wherever he went. Hamza Iskander was a cancer survivor, but most of us knew him for his positivity and his mission to spread smiles wherever he went.

His life was often painful and difficult, but he dared to dream and he worked hard to achieve them. He was an actor, an activist who fought the cancer taboos and a role model who never let anyone down. He was an eloquent speaker who spoke at many events and inspired people with his words. Hamza truly believed that optimism could cure anything. In a YouTube video, he says, “I believe I proved that being positive, being happy, and having a good attitude is actually 90% of the cure. I’m not cured yet, but I’m happy. I don’t regret that I was diagnosed with cancer…You have to build yourself so you can win this. Being positive and being optimistic means no matter how bad things get, there is still a way to go.”

Hamza was a son, a brother and a friend to many,  although he passed on to a better life, he remains a symbol of strength for the rest of us. His openness about his struggles and his unwavering support for those who walked on similar paths never failed to inspire us. His message of positivity and hope will live on and survive the test of time.

Hamza Iskander rose in distinction because of his inspiration and his relentless campaigns towards fighting cancer with a smile. We loved him for the support he showed to his sister, also a cancer survivor, and the honesty with which he shared his story.

  1. In 2014, he was an ambassador for Sound of Hope, a campaign that raised hearing aid funds for the underprivileged.

  1. Later in 2014, he spoke at a local TedX event and inspired the whole audience (and later, the internet) with his efforts to Fight Cancer with a Smile.

  1. In collaboration with “Laish La” he changed the name of IMC’s cancer unit from “IMC Cancer Patient Center” to “IMC Cancer Fighter Center”

Words are powerful, and this simple change helped change the perspective of many cancer survivors.

  1. He never stopped visiting hospitals and cancer fighters around the Kingdom, Bahrain and other countries.

  2. When his sister Hana was going through chemotherapy, Hamza created this video to show her his support and to give thanks to the nurses.

  1. In this recent video Hamza Iskander talked about the amazing support of doctors and nurses during chemotherapy.

Hamza Iskander was going to showcase his film at the Saudi Comic Con in February. His friend Fahad FS (@fahadyolo), who knew about Hamza’s dreams and plans, shared this heartfelt message upon hearing about his friend’s passing away, “Because of his efforts a whole generation of saudis and Arabs are grateful. I will miss his smile, his positivity and spirit.”

Read his entire message here:

The world has lost a shining star and we pray that Allah The Most Gracious will bestow upon him all his mercy and bless him with a beautiful akhirah.

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