IHYAA – Reviving Schools in Jeddah

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In 2015, a group of Architects started IHYAA, an initiative that has helped over 1,200 students get better education. IHYAA (“revival” in English) aims to renovate and revive schools in Jeddah’s poor areas.

The initiative was started by graduates of architecture who first joined a charity group that distributes breakfast meals to the less fortunate during Ramadan. To continue giving back to the community throughout the year, they focused on helping build better learning environments for children.

How IHYAA Works

Members of IHYAA start by identifying which schools in Jeddah need help, and what they need. They then search for sponsors who help with funding and materials, find volunteers to help them work, and then start doing the necessary work. For schools that need some renovation, they initiate the reconstructions during the holidays or the summer vacation, to avoid disturbing the students.

In the three years since they started, IHYAA has renovated six schools and are currently working on the seventh. One of the schools, Al Khansaa School, has increased the number of students after the renovations by 350 students!

They aim to continue IHYAA and make it grow, hoping they would be able to help more schools yearly.

Want to volunteer or sponsor a school revival? Contact Instagram: @ihyaa_group

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