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Hungry for the Outdoors?

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By: The GaZohny Experiment

There is an incredible amount of literature out there on what to eat and how to eat it. For us, outdoor types, it doesn’t always make sense to cook with strict diets and rigid schedules in mind. Firewood and the open flame, that’s our stove and oven. With all the variety out there in terms of cooking methods, it can be intimidating getting your cooking done outdoors. Don’t worry, we have options too.

Planning meals is an essential part of any expedition or trip. Whether you are going on a weeklong canoe expedition or a two-day camping trip in the desert, it pays great dividends to plan your meals. If you are worn out from a hike, a good meal could really warm the heart as well as the stomach. As an expedition becomes longer and more drawn out, priorities will change to lean towards efficiency and practicality. Most of the weight in our food is water, so if you are moving around a lot, dehydrated fruit sheets and meats are the name of the game. Fresh fruit is great for the appetite and to stay hydrated but has to be devoured early in any trip to avoid going bad.

Remember, outside of basic sustenance, a cook is only as good as his tools.

If you are camping out of a car or any vessel that allows you a lot of equipment, go big. An open fire gives you a ton of range. Reflector ovens are easily built (or bought) and can make a wicked batch of biscuits or bread. The fire can get heat under your pots and pans and serve to make a mean grill (cook right on a hot stone for you hardcore types out there). Wood fire also gives great smell and flavor to your meal.

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