How To Wow Your Ramadan Guests for Dummies

The Holy month is just around the corner, and so are gatherings with friends and families. Getting things right from food to decoration is no easy job, this is why we assembled these steps for you to pull off a foolproof gathering!

Step one: dates dates dates

Its not only a Sunnah, breaking your fast with sugar helps you from overstuffing yourself during futoor. You can get dates from any supermarket, or if you want the real deal, visit the Riyadh seasonal date market

Step two: Get an air fryer

You just have to pop anything you want to fry inside and you don’t even have to worry about the calories, because there is no oil needed to cook! MAGIC, I KNOW. Get your own from the nearest Tamimi.

Step three: Appetizers for beginners

A few months before Ramadan you often see all arab families wrapping sambosa in preparation for the daily sambosa dosage. Its ok if you forgot (or got to lazy) to prepare, because you can get pre-wrapped sambosa! And you’re in luck, Chopped has that in their menue this year!

Step four: main dish

Cook your own by following one of Riyadhi’s favorite dishes, the infamous chicken kabsa! And it has been made easy by one of our editors, check out the recipe here:  Chicken Kabsa.

Or you can opt for the easy way out, order in!

Step five: decorate

The Ramadan spirit is not complete without all the colors and islamic patterns draped all over the house, and what better place to find them than suwailm, new designs every year and great deals

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