Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

How to: Saudi Care Package

How to: Saudi Care Package

For travelers, students abroad and hostess gifts. Here are DR’s picks for the perfect Saudi Care Package!

There’s absolutely nothing Saudis like more than their food. Rain, shine, sandstorm, England, Timbuktu… whatever state we’re in or place we’re at, kabsah isn’t really far from our minds. With that in mind, we’ve put together the perfect travel-ready care package. It could work as a gift, or for a student abroad, or even for yourself if you like.

Arabic Coffee

This is a no-brainer. Coffee is where coffee must be, and it’s easily made anywhere. Get a ready-made pack from Anoosh or Yatooq, or if you’re more old-school, get your own ground coffee and hail in unbreakable plastic jars. Plus points if you add pretty little labels on them.

Musaffer Dallah

You got coffee, but where are you supposed to make it? That’s where the Mussafar Dallah comes in. A nifty little bag that comes with a small electric dallah, as well as a container for dates, fanajeen (coffee cups), and a measuring cup, it’s perfect for both gahwa veterans and beginners. This is especially perfect if you want to introduce someone abroad to easy gahwa making.


Perfect kabsah rice is hard to find abroad, and it’s a lot more expensive. A small bag of your favorite basmati won’t take up much space in your bag, and it’ll definitely make you or your recipient happy.


Well, doh. How else can you make your kabsah without Saudi spices? Take all of your spices, measure them out according to taste, mix them together and pack them in tubes. If you have the time or the inclination, you can also make little sachets that can be readily added to whatever you’re cooking with minimal mess.


Non-Saudi dates are never as good as the original stuff. And maknooz dates are really hard to spoil, have long expiration dates and pack very easily. It’s always popular with people when we gift them with dates too.


Another perfect gift that is always useful in your package. Ma’amool is also great comfort food for students abroad who want a taste of home.

Kraft’s Cheese Tins

For some reason, Kraft’s processed cheddar cheese never took off so popularly as it did here. And there are few people who won’t claim nostalgia when they see one. This is another one for far-away-from-home students, or long term travelers in small hotel rooms.


Yeah fresh cream is good and everything, but if we were being absolutely honest with ourselves? Taj’s tinned cream has a flavor you can’t beat. Another one for nostalgia.


This isn’t food, but it is absolutely essential for everyone and anyone outside our lovely sprayer-friendly country. Seriously. Other countries, we love you, but how do you keep CLEAN? Ahem. Anyway, there are different types of travel sprayers, buy what suits you best and put it into your pretty awesome care package! Toilets around the world will thank you.


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