Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

How To Chase Away the Summer Boredom in Riyadh

How To Chase Away the Summer Boredom in Riyadh

During the scorching heat or Riyadh, people usually forget all their summer plans and stay in their air conditioned house. Worry not, friends! We have a list for you to get you back on your path for a fun summer!

1 (2) summer article

A classic group game that you can play indoors and escape the heat! And it comes with a juice bar and food, perfect for post game hanging out.

Find out more here:  Family Fun at Strike Bowling Alley

2 (3) Summer activities

Women might not be able to drive a car, but they can fly a plane! Don’t worry guys, you can fly it, too. This is one experience every Riyadhi HAS to try.

Find out more here:  Flying Sky High

AlHamra Park At Night
3 (1)

For a little outdoor activity, head to AlHamra park, have a picnic, let your children play, and catch the foodtrucks there.


Find your way out of a locked room!

4 (1)

Enjoy this brain stimulating game (yes, its cold inside) with family or friends, with different options, you can head to either breakout or the escape room.

Find out more here: Interactive Entertainment In The City

Food tour
5 (1)

Find your favorite french fries, burger, or your favorite dish in Riyadh, visit the top restaurants and discover the one! Checkout some of our previous roundups to guide you through your adventure.

Find out more here: Shawarma-rama

6 summer activities

Nothing like a dip in the pool on a hot summer day. You don’t have your own pool? Don’t worry, we have a variety of public pools you can get your hands (or whole body) on.

Find out more here: Where To Where To Swim In the city

Riyadh Tour Bus
7 tour bus

Take a tour around Riyadh and discover it from a tourist point of view, you just might find something new!

Find out more here: Alhokair Bus Tours

Snow City

Winter is here, IN RIYADH! Have fun with all your family members, and you’ll even get to wear a jacket mid summer.

Find out more here: Snow City


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