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How to Camp Saudi Style

We connect with nature luxuriously and with an insanely amount of fun.

Bring Your Best Farwa Along

The farwa has become a part of Saudi heritage, it’s the only thing that can protect you from the harsh winter nights of Saudi.
Where to get it: Al Dirah District



Saudi’s black gold, no gathering is complete without it. You can choose from the hundreds of kinds of dates available Saudi, and they’re sold at every supermarket and mini market.

Where to get it: Utaiqah District



Wood and fuel. You don’t want to freeze your bones broken, our cold nights are merciless. If you don’t go back home smelling like wood smoke, then you’re not doing it right.

Where to get it: AlSenidi for Camping Equipment


Mirka (Camp Grill)

A must to brew your tea. If you cook it right above your fire, it takes the taste to a whole new level.

Where to get it: AlSenidi for Camping Equipment


Electricity Generator

Because you need electricity to charge all your gadgets and capture all the memories. We also love to live in luxury, so having electricity in the middle of nowhere is necessary.

Where to get it: AlSenidi for Camping Equipment


Arabic Coffee

Arabic coffee beans, cardamom, saffron… how can anyone resist that?! And if you flavor it with ginger or cinnamon, you get the winter version and keep your insides warm, happy and energized.

Where to get it: Arabic coffee makers and ready coffee blends are available in supermarkets.


Sand Surfing

For the favorite Saudi desert activity, tie one rope end to the car and the other end to a carpet/slide, voilà! Enjoy sand surfing.

Where to get it: AlSenidi for Camping Equipment



Almost every Saudi rode a quad. If you haven’t felt the post-insane-fun-ride numbness, I feel sorry for your childhood. The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to buy one, you can rent it for cheap.

Where to get it: Rent it hourly from popular desert spots.



You can basically cook it back home and bring it along with you. But if you like it fresh, you can get the ingredients, a huge belly with you, and cook it in a hole.

Where to get it: From the dozen Mathlotha restaurants you’ll find on the way.


Playing Cards

You say Ballot. We say yes. You can stay playing for hours, no need for board games. Playing cards is like those Gameboy games with 100+ options, you’ll never get bored with all the games you can play.

Where to get it: From any baqala.


Fusfus (Salted Flower Seeds)

For an instant feel-like-a-nomad trick, you won’t be able to stop, and you won’t feel sorry for it. They also sell it with different spicing nowadays, so everyone can have the flavor that suits them best.

Where to get it: From any baqala. Did you really not know?


Food Containers

The signature Saudi household belonging is the food container with the umbrella and two chairs. Keeping your food warm in timeless style.

Where to get it: AlSenidi for Camping Equipment


Popular Desert Spots

  • Thumama
  • Raudhat Nourah
  • Rimah
  • Rawdat At Tinhat
  • Rawdat Khuraim

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