Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Hot New Burger Spots

Hot New Burger Spots

Burgers have quickly become Jeddah’s favorite food, after falafels of course. As a food reviewer, it’s always my pleasure to discover new burger joints that are always popping up all over town.

There have been some super juicy openings recently, so here’s a full list for you!

Kargo Kitchen

kargo-kitchenA local brand, Kargo Kitchen satisfied many hungry souls at the Saudi Comic Con and stole people’s hearts. Their minimalistic approach to burgers and unique patty-slamming process brings out the delicious flavors of their ingredients.

Location: Opposite Aya Mall, Malik Road
Instagram: kargokitchensa

Mood 72 Burger

mood-72-burgerThis burger joint is one of the best-kept secrets in our city. For lovers of red meat, Mood 72 offers some brilliant burgers, including one that replicates the Philly cheesesteak we all love. The mood of the place finds inspiration in the entertainment industry, with hundreds of posters adorning the two-floor space.

Mood 72 is open from 1 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Location: Safia Bint Abdulmutalib St., Al Mohammadiya District
Instagram: mood72burger

Firefly Burger

firefly-burgerSituated next to its sister restaurant, Wazzup Dog, Firefly Burger offers a range of burgers that are bursting with flavor. We love their signature Firefly burger and anything layered with bacon! This is a place you shouldn’t miss.

Location: New Town Center, Tahlia St.
Mob: +966-556690032
Instagram: fireflyburgersa


dazzle_ksaThis burger joint claims that ‘You Will Be Dazzled’ and we couldn’t agree more! With a stunning outdoor seating option and a brilliant range of appetizers and burgers, Dazzle creates a generous and hearty spread. Their crispy chicken burger was almost as good as the beef burgers! The chicken burger is paired with a pan of melted cheese that’s poured on top of the patty. The buns were so buttery soft, we fell in love.

Location: Beach Tower, Northern Corniche
Mob: +966-557750771
Instagram: dazzle_ksa

Rustic Grill

2dcc70_1d059b9adb1f4b0ea2b44207b1cde389mv2_d_3264_2176_s_2Lastly, we have Jeddah’s newborn burger joint! Rustic Grill is bound for a quick rise to fame. Currently in its soft opening stage, Rustic Grill offers an unconventional veggie burger that we loved. It’s the perfect solution for vegetarians who feel like they’re missing out on burgers. For the rest of us carnivores: their beef burger is perfectly spiced with a satisfactory layer of the greens, and is delicious to say the least!

Rustic Grill is open from 1 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
Location: King Abdulaziz Road
Tel: +966-12-6132220
Instagram: rustic_grill


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