Horseback Riding in Jeddah – In Conversation with Dana Al Gosaibi

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Horseback riding is a popular hobby and sport, especially for horse lovers and enthusiasts. If you’ve ever seen a horse beauty show or have been to one of the popular Equestrian clubs of Saudi Arabia, you’ll know just how beautiful and graceful Arabian horses are.

Of course, horseback riding is not easy and nor is it child’s play. You can’t just hump onto the saddle and expect to have a smooth ride and no broken bones. It takes effort!

I had the pleasure of speaking to Dana Al Gosaibi, a lover of horses who has been riding them all her life. Based on our conversation, here’s everything you should know about horseback riding:
  • The best time to start riding them.
    There really is no specific age or time except that you should be ready when you decide to pursue horseback riding. Of course, it’s best if you start early in life because it’s easier to learn that way!
  • How fit do I need to be?
    Fitness is an important element of horseback riding. This vigorous activity will keep you active and fit. However, it’s best to not be overweight and bulky. I agree when Dana says, “Just think about the poor horse”!
  • Preparing for the ride.
    If you’re horseback riding you’re either doing it for pleasure or you’re planning to compete. Either way, it’s important to build a relationship with your horse – and it goes both ways. A beginner can learn from a horse as much as an untrained horse can learn from its rider; you learn from each other. It’s a very natural process, and a very beautiful one too.
  • What does horseback riding involve?
    Simply put, many will say that horseback riding is riding on a horse. However, that’s really one of the things even though it’s often the highlight. Horseback riding is everything from meeting your first horse to feeding it sugar, petting it, spending time with it and getting to know it. Before you can even ride one it’s important to form a connection. Dana puts it perfectly, “Horses are not a vehicle.”
  • How long will it take me to be great at it?
    Somewhere in the process of learning you’ll reach a point when you feel confident on a horse. It may take a while, a few weeks of training and in the case of the lucky ones, not a long a time because they just have a knack for it. Be kind to your horse and to yourself! Don’t give yourself a time limit. It will only put you under pressure and slow your progress.
  • What are the basic safety measures?
  1. Always wear a helmet.
  2. Wear fit clothes and avoid any items that might fall off and startle the horse.
  3. Be careful when approaching a horse from the front, especially if it’s known for kicking.
  4. Never jump off a horse mid-ride.
  • “I am a girl, is it okay for me to ride a horse?”
    There’s no reason not to! Women have ridden on horses throughout history, especially in Arabian lands.

Horses are truly poetry in motion. Teaching children to ride horses and swim is recommended in our religion so don’t hold back. Discover the beauty of horses.

Equestrian Clubs in Jeddah:
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  • Royalty Equestrian Club
    Location: Haramain Road
    Club Timing: 4:30PM – 10:00PM
    Stable Horseman – Mob:
    General Manager – Mob: +966-555757275
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  • Kindah Arabian Horses:




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