Home is Where the Palm Trees Are

A pictorial journey of one woman’s heart and home.

I grew up among palm trees and water springs. I played hide and seek around citron and pomegranate trees and grape vines. I made little tent homes under vast lime trees that filled our family farm.

My childhood was awesome.alahsafarms_travel_2015_haa_10

I can still feel the fresh earthy air filling my lungs as I played tirelessly around the farms as a little girl. We would run around looking for wild dandelions to blow, or stare deeply into watering pools, mesmerized by a froglet as they swam by in the still water.alahsafarms_travel_2015_haa_11

My parents would tell us stories about gigantic turtles and endless, natural water springs. They’d talk about the times they hunted frogs and rode donkey carriages when they were children, and the nights at their grandfather’s farm where they laid their little tired bodies and let their sleepy eyes shut at the sight of stars in the clear night sky.alahsafarms_travel_2015_haa_16

All grown up and busy with the trappings of life, I still try to steal moments when I can to go back, sit in our farm with a cup of red tea in hand, and get lost in utter reverie of times past but never forgotten.alahsafarms_travel_2017_haa_22

Any Hasawi could surely relate to my wistful emotions towards our oasis of a home. But, for the rest of Sharqiya, I figured I’d try to capture those emotions on camera and show you around the closest place to my heart.

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