Hole in the Wall

By Alzahra Al Dawood and Noura Al Joaib

We all know they serve the best food in town.

When we decided to do a feature on the best bufiyah sandwiches in town, we got weird looks from the rest of the team. For those who don’t know what a bufiyah is, it’s colloquial for cafeteria. Derived from Buffet (we assume), they are tiny food counters scattered everywhere and open around the clock.

Admittedly, like any “hole in the wall”, they get a bad rep. Usually located near gas stations or in dingy back allies, this is clearly one of those “there’s more than meets the eye” situations. So sit back, relax, take our word for it and try these super yummy budget-friendly sandwiches:

Omar Bufiyah

Order: Chicken Sandwich
Price: SR 4

Verdict: How can something so small be packed with so much flavor? The sesame bun is lightly toasted and stuffed with succulent pieces of seasoned chicken and green peppers. The chicken is so tender you could almost swear it’s slow cooked.

Location: Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Rd., Dammam 32247

Aziz Bufiyah

azizbuffet_dammam_2017_aa-3Order: Cheese Burger Aziz with Eggs
Price: SR 5

Verdict: Move over Five Guys, this burger is everything you’d want in one. (Okay, we’re exaggerating a little but this burger is so good.) The patty not too thick, the fried eggs thick enough, topped with mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce and, wait for it, FRIES! Make sure you also order their fresh Melon juice.

Location: 4 St., Al Badiyah, Dammam

Station Bufiyah

stationbuffet_khobar_2017_aa-1Order: Camel Liver Sandwich
Price: SR 5

Verdict: This, dear readers, is the king of bufiyah sandwiches. Poetically situated at a gas station, like filling a car with gas, this sandwich is the gastronomical equivalent. Sizzled to perfection then wrapped in soft Lebanese bread, this high on iron goodness is the fuel you need to kickstart your day.

Location: 8274 Bakr Ibn Hizam St., Abdullah Fuad, Dammam

Banks Bufiyah

Order: Mixed Cheese Sandwich
Price: SR 3

Verdict: After taking a bite of the stuffed bread roll, I had to pause. Beneath the taste of eggs and cheese, you are in for a surprise: the sweet and tangy taste of mixed fruit jam. Hey, it works! Order this with their karak tea. You’ll thank us.

Location: King Saud St., Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Khobar

Happiness Bufiyah

Order: Egg-Cheese Sandwich
Price: SR 3

Verdict: By sheer coincidence, we unknowingly kept the best for last. The combination of melted cheese and eggs is the original bufiyah sandwich filling. Bonus point for the grilled bread. We definitely left happy.

Location: Meshaab St., Al Khobar Al Janubiyah, Khobar

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