Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Healthy goodies on the ‘gram.

Healthy goodies on the ‘gram.

For the average healthy Joe, it seems a little bit difficult to find snacks that are healthy around town and when we do, they don’t taste that great which is why people have the notion that healthy = bland. Um no! Amateur cooking = bland maybe but healthy (def)= yummy.


So, we researched around Instagram for healthy snacks that will pretty much satisfy your sweet tooth, give you alternatives for gatherings and be a filler for that busy day.

This is a perfect list for you if your new year’s resolution was to jump on the clean wagon and turn over a new leaf.


1. Health Couture

Founded by a clinical dietician to produce natural gourmet products and promote healthy eating. You can find some original products at The Health Couture such as Coconut chips, their granola line, Chia cookie squares, Sea salted dark chocolate brownies and their selection of unique spreads. Their ingredients are carefully selected and most of the items are sugar and gluten free.

Top Recommendation: Chia cookie squares

Instagram: @healthcouture

2. Oats & more oats for the soul


This account gives you many options from cookies, energy bars, nut butters, breakfast granolas and even chocohaze; a healthy version of Nutella, yep you heard right. They are using by far the cleanest (if that’s what you’re looking for) ingredients we could find around, perfect for those of you who are eating clean foods. Pass by their account and indulge in the many healthy options they offer.

Top Recommendation: Granolas & Chocolate Crunch

Instagram: @oats_n_oats

3. Guilt free treats


As the name suggests, this account has many guilt free options, they focus on healthy treats made with low fat, sugar free and high protein. Some of their delicious options are protein parfait, protein brownies, “skinny” Nutella, quinoa bites and their signature pistachio and rose spread. You can order from their account and also find them in Biotica.

Top Recommendation: “Skinny Nutella”

Instagram: @guiltfree_sa

4. Chef Maha’s menu

Chef Maha is a chef offering many different variety of foods and most of her options are perfect for a healthy lifestyle. You can find a range of healthy snack bars, salads, whole wheat pizzas, healthy nachos and guacamole and even business lunch packages all delivered to your doorstep. Check out her Instagram account or her website to order for your next guilt-free event.

Top Recommendation: Chocolate natural Peanut butter oats bars

Instagram: @chefmaha


5. Eats and yummy treats for your craving


Popular for their range of healthy granolas and cookies, will satisfy that cookie monster in you that’s on a weightloss program. Their cookies come in many flavors ranging from coffee, dates and cinnamon, chunky peanut butter, orange cranberry and more yummyness. Check out their account for some treats.

Top Recommendation: Why cookies,  ofcourse

Instagram: @eatsandtreats_ksa

6. Scrumptious 


Scrumptious, as the name suggests offer some scrumptious delights with some delicious healthy options. Their raspberry white chocolate cookies are to die for but we would advise to take it easy on them to avoid over indulgence. Their healthier options include raspberry granola bars, vegan chocolate fudge brownies and honey nut granola bars. You could find their stock at NUYU or at Kore.

Top Recommendation: Dark Chocolate Fudge brownies

Instagram: @scrumptious_ksa

7. The Natural Kitchen 


If you’re thinking, you want some different options to choose from, you should definitely check out this account. They offer fresh and natural ingredients for their products that range from Energy balls, Nut milks, Vegetable Broth, Kimchi, Fruit Chia, Coconut yogurt and so much more. This kitchen is more than what meets the tummy and we are amazed.

Top Recommendation: Nut Milks

Instagram: @thenaturalkitchenriyadh


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