Half and Half: Wael Bin Huraib & Elena Bukaryeva

What happens when two people find their balance and perfect mate? They become the best versions of themselves, individually and as a unit. Here are some couples we spoke to who are definitely our #RelationshipGoals.

Wael and Elena’s worlds first overlapped lanes at motorcycle event meet-ups in Dubai. They soon became friends after Wael, who is very passionate about rider safety, started giving Elena practical lessons on her motorbike. With time, the bond between them grew stronger, and when the time was right, they tied the knot._k3a3270-copy

Today, they continue to bond over riding Harleys during short trips abroad.

After an accident in 2008, Wael realized the magnitude of how different riding a motorbike is from riding a car. This realization pushed him to take several international training courses, and he brought back this knowledge to Saudi and founded the Bikers Skills Institute. Elena took on registering and instructing women at the institute since after the driving ban on women was lifted._k3a3242-copy

When motorcycles are mentioned, adrenaline comes to mind. Not for these two, though! “I try to avoid the adrenaline rush and stressful situations on the road because that usually means trouble. Wael often teases me for being overcautious,” said Elena with a laugh._k3a3300desat-copy

Wael admires Elena’s kindness and readiness to offer a helping hand. It warmed his heart that he came home one day to find that she had taken in a street cat. Likewise, Elena thinks that Wael’s greatest assets are his “big heart,” determination, drive, and willingness to execute anything he sets his mind to.

Look for your life partner’s happiness before your own.” Wael Bin Huraib

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