Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

10 Graduation Gifts To Show Your Graduate You Are Proud Of Them

10 Graduation Gifts To Show Your Graduate You Are Proud Of Them

Show your graduate you’re proud of them, by getting them the right gift.

  1. For the documenter: 3in-1 attachable phone lenses

Item: Micro Lens, Wide Angle Lens and Fish Eye Lens Camera
Price: SR 27.60


  1. For the music fan: Vinyl player

Item: Ion Vinyl Motion deluxe brown
Location: Virgin Megastore, Red Sea Mall, King Rd. Rd.
Roshana Center, Tahlia St.
Price: SR 699


  1. For the artist: drawing tablet

Item: Turcom TS-6610H 10 x 6.25 Graphic Drawing Tablet with Pressure Sensitive Stylus
Price: SR 245


  1. For the old soul: board game set

Item: HECTOR SAXE Croc-Effect Leather Multi-Game Set
Price: approx. SR 6,316.44


  1. For the sentimental lady: a bracelet

Item Tiffany’s sterling silver lock bangle with 2 diamonds
Location: Tiffany Store, Boulevard, King Rd.
Price: SR 3050

10 Graduation Gifts To Show Your Graduate You Are Proud Of Them

  1. For the techie: Apple watch

Location: Tokyo Games, Red Sea Mall, Malik Rd.
Talal Center, Batarji St.
Virgin Megastore, Roshana Center, Tahlia St.
Red Sea Mall, Malik Rd.
Price: starts from SR 1, 499


  1. For the professional: a men’s grooming kit

Location: Lush Stars Avenue, King Rd.
Price: starting from SR 200


  1. For the beauty junkie: bath products set/ gift basket

Location: Bath and Body Works, Flamingo Mall, Al Aziziyah.
Herra Mall, Herra St.
Serafi Mega Mall, Tahlia St. and Siteen St. intersection
Sultan Mall, Prince Sultan St.
Price Starting from SR 75


  1. For the future female entrepreneur: work-friendly bag

Item: reversible tote
Location: Zara Jeddah, Al Salam Mall, King Abdullah Rd.
Haifa Mall, Palestine St.
Aziz Mall, Imam Shafi St.
Herra Avenue Mall, Herra St.
Mall of Arabia, Al Nuzhah St.
Price: SR 179


  1. For the stylish male: accessories

Item: Alexander McQueen Studded Silver-Tone Cuff
Price: Approx. SR 645.43

Alexander McQueen - Studded Silver


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