Where to go in Jeddah when you’re feeling down?

Whenever we feel down, we usually just resort to staying at home and wallowing in our misery. However, if you don’t feel like doing the same and think that maybe a change in scenery will make you feel better then here are the places Jeddah has to offer; to turn your frown upside down.


Maybe you are in need of some spiritual healing; you need to hear the imam recite Qur’an and pray with no distractions amongst other Muslim souls all looking for Allah’s guidance.
Check out our previous article to learn more about Jeddah’s houses of worship.

Photo Credit: Alsay

Photo Credit: Alsay


Walking around the corniche can definitely lift your spirits. The majestic scenery of the sea along with the breezy weather is a great combo. Why not go to the King Fahad fountain as well? It is a great place to sit and ponder or you know…cry.
P.S. If you get the chance to go to Obhur, go for it!

3Cafés with a view

Think about it, food has always been by your side, not once has it deserted you. Has pasta ever made you mad? Good food + open space = immediately feelin’ better. There is a wide range of restaurants and cafés with great outdoor seating. Park Hyatt, La Terrasse and Belajio are just to name a few.


There should be a psychology branch dedicated to therapy via shopping aka retail therapy, because that immediately gets you back on track. With malls all around Jeddah, you are bound to find a place that embraces you through your hard times with clothes, shoes, bags and more all calling out for you.

5Walk around Al Balad

Cool things to do: you will get to stroll around the historic site of Jeddah. Its beauty may just be the thing you need to forget your sorrows. You can visit Bait Naseef, have food at local eateries or just hang amongst that vibe.

6Plant and Flower Shops

Plants and flowers make people happier, yup that is the power of mother Earth. If you don’t want to go to a park and sit amongst the greenery then you can go buy a plant or a bouquet. We promise it won’t seem as bleak after you surround yourself with plants. Go to Sultan Gardens, Gardenia, Tuilps or any other shop and make yourself happy.

Photo Credit: 98five.com

Photo Credit: 98five.com


Burn all the negativity at the gym; this method has been tested and approved by us. Jeddah has several gyms for males and females, ones that encompass state of the art machines and fun classes if you want to burn those calories and them blues.

Below are some of the most well known gyms in J-Town.

Female gyms: Male gyms:
Gold’s Gym Arena
Curves Fitness Time
Zclub Fitness First
Lifestyle B -Well

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