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Give your Clothes a Second Life this Ramadan with Comfort

Honour the spirit of giving, from the ‘comfort’ of your home.

Ramadan is all about the spirit of giving and what better way to honour this than sharing the joy with the ones less fortunate? This holy month, the leading fabric softener brand in Saudi Arabia, Comfort, is joining forces with Mawakeb Alajer to give your clothes a second life and benefit the ones in need. The initiative is aligned with Comfort’s purpose of extending the longevity of clothes, whether it’s by using the fabric conditioner to maintain your clothes’ quality, or by donating and recycling them. By doing so, the brand believes we can make a positive impact on our communities as well as the environment.

With COVID-19 still looming and social distancing measures still in place, the brand wants to ensure a safe and secure Ramadan for all and has partnered to arrange for donation pick-ups directly from homes across Jeddah. There are two ways to do this: either request a pick up from Comfort’s website or do your regular grocery shopping from the Danube and have your clothes picked up when your order is delivered! The clothes collected will be disinfected and cleaned using OMO detergent and Comfort fabric conditioner and will be donated to one of the country’s biggest charitable organizations – Mawakeb Alajer.

The steps are simple! Schedule a pick up at your convenience. Fill up a bag with clothes that you don’t need and voila! Your clothes are all set to get a new life whilst bringing a smile to a new face.

“We are very excited to bring this initiative to Jeddah this year. Despite the challenges, we are making it possible for everyone to support the less fortunate, by arranging pick-ups free of cost right from the doorstep of people’s homes. We are honoured to announce that all the proceeds from this initiative will be donated to Mawakeb Alajer, one of the nation’s most recognized organizations.” – Sarah Qazi, Marketing Director, Unilever Fabric Care.

The campaign, titled, “Give your clothes a second life”, encourages residents across Jeddah to donate their gently used clothes and spread joy to those in need, all from the ‘comfort’ of their homes.

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