Getting Fahas (MVPI) Done In Saudi Arabia

Photo Credit: Abdulmjeed Alharbi Photo Credit: Abdulmjeed Alharbi

Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (MVPI), locally known as fahas, is an annual requirement that certifies your car to be safe for driving in the country.

Most people, however, get the certification done only prior to getting their vehicle registration renewed, which occurs once every three years.

The procedure is actually not that hard and can be completed in an hour or so (unless your car doesn’t pass in the first attempt).

Prior Check


Photo Credit: سعد-التميمي

Before going to the center make sure that your car is fahas-ready. This includes checking your brake lights, headlights, hazard lights, tires, glasses and side mirrors. Look out for any dents and get it washed the day you are going there. Your car may fail the test for many other reasons as well, but these are some of the important ones.

Locate the MVPI center in your city. The coordinates for centers in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam are as follows:

Jeddah:  21.623574, 39.194449
Riyadh: 24.821097, 46.783861
Dammam: 26.372918, 50.029470

The timings for these are from 7 AM till 4:15 pm on the weekdays and 7 AM to 2:15 PM on Saturdays. Friday is a non-working day.


Photo Credit: Anwaruddin Mohammed

Required Documents: National ID and Vehicle Registration.

At The MVPI Center

There will be multiple queues ahead of you, just put your car in one of these queues. You will eventually reach a counter where you’ll have to pay a fee of 73 SAR and present your iqama and vehicle registration.

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  1. 1

    Today 25 Dec i done MVPI of car they given me a car sticker (04/1441) white color and inspection report mention every thing pass and ok , but i believe by mistaken on inspection report he stamped of (Fail Inspection) which i saw after come back to jubail …
    now what is the advice for me, friends (

    thank you

  2. 2
  3. 3

    It is necessary to verify the report either it is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Its ok but tell me one thing, how to inspected your vehicle through person standing at road and demand money for hurry inspectoin or proper channel. How much payed for inspection?

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