Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Getting Creative With Upbeat

Getting Creative With Upbeat

Our one-on-one with co-founder Nojoud Al Rumaihi.

Nojoud Al Rumaihi, a passionate young Saudi woman with big ambitions, graduated from Al Yamama University in Riyadh and is currently doing her masters in Canada. She is a marketing specialist and the co-founder of Upbeat, a creative exhibitions and event management company.

How did you get started?
I used to do volunteer work and it built responsibility and determination in me. I also always loved marketing and was fascinated by it, and it eventually grew to be my big dream and passion. So I started Upbeat with my husband Abdullah Al Rasheed. Thankfully our majors were compatible and we both had previous experiences.

Who inspired you and helped you reach where you are now?
My parents. Seeing us succeed makes them happy and that’s all I aim for.event

Is there anything you regret doing in your past journey?
No, each step was a lesson whether it was bad or good. I am here because of the mistakes I made.

What’s the biggest challenge you faced through your journey so far and how did you deal with it?
That fear you get in the beginning of the road that you might not succeed. I taught myself that thinking negatively won’t make me go any further, but believing in myself and doing my best is what’s going to let me blossom. There is no such thing as failure in my dictionary any more.

How do you keep yourself motivated?
By setting goals, being determined and knowing that I will get where I want to be.

What are the perks and benefits of your job?
Oh, lots of benefits! I’m doing something I love, am able to schedule my own plans, setting my own timelines, being independent, seeing the accomplishments and results, and of course, those endless social benefits.clu06zywgaa1ur3-jpg-large

What’s the hardest decision you’ve had to make?
Pursuing my master’s in Canada. That lead to me leaving Upbeat back in Saudi and working from a distance… But so far, so good. I’ll still be doing my magic from wherever life takes me.

What’s your goal?
For now it’s to finish my master’s, then go back and develop Upbeat and spread my work through the GCC, opening a consultation for youth developments by doing programs to inspire them and encourage them to go after their dreams.

What word of advice would you like to pass on?
Believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible. Plan it. Never listen to negative people who put you down, and turn that negativity into motivation.



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