Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi



Your guide to hosting the greatest Gergai’an gathering.

The Space

thenedeelesart_khobar_2017_aa-1Getting the right feel and decorations is crucial to the success of your party. Thankfully, it’s Ramadan, so there’s no shortage of decorations that would transform your space into the perfect party venue.

Pro-tip: Rice lights are a perfect and inexpensive way to give your area the ambiance it needs. Filling your place with mashmoum and palm tree fronds are also nice touches.

Where to buy decoration from: Hazaz (Khobar), Mishwar Al Suwaiket (Khobar), Hayat Plaza (Dammam), Amazon (Dammam).

The Attire

I know we as adults want to have all the fun, but we can’t forget that the focus is the kids.

So, for boys: a thobe with a wizaar wrapped around their waist if you’re going for a truly Sharqawi look (otherwise replace the wizaar with a traditional black velvet vest with golden thread trimmings).

For girls: It’s all about the headgear; whether it’s a bokhnag or a golden haama, you can’t go wrong. Ladies can go for a simple thobe nashel.

Pro-tip: Get your henna on, ladies, but make sure you book your henna artist in advance.

Where to buy outfits from: Check out these Instagram accounts for swoon-worthy outfits.

Instagram: tartarboutique, tagalameerah, nashell_collection, hawra_shakhoor and the_b_boutique.

The Entertainment:

All you need is a few old-school games and folk songs and you’re good to go. How many of you know the original duck, duck, goose?

For the adults around, we recommend playing Bdoon Kalam, the Traditional Proverbs edition. This fun charades game is the perfect activity to play with the range of generations in the family.

Pro-tip: Prepare a playlist of traditional folk songs.

Where to buy games from: Bdoon Kalam is available in Jarir Bookstore or you can order it through the game’s

Instagram: rps_studio

The Goodie Bags

gargaianlooksforkids_khobar_2017_aa-6The true meaning of Gergai’an: the goodie bags! You can always buy these pre-packaged and customized to your liking, or just buy the nuts and candies in bulk, put them in separate, big baskets and fill up the bags together on the day of the party.

Pro-tip: For a personal touch, write the names of the kids on their goodie bags.

Where to buy goodie bags from: For pre-packaged goodie bags, check out these creative Instagram stores.gargaianlooksforkids_khobar_2017_aa-3

Instagram: imaginarygift, zdesigns_sa and a_to_z_party.

For candies and other old-school goodies from when we were kids, you have to visit Dakat Al Thekrayat in Khobar.

Instagram: zamanawal15


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