Four Places for the Best Dates in Sharqiya

Dates in sharqiya Collage

Ramadan is half over – there’s no better time to change your date game a bit: try a variety of dates – white chocolate, lotus, rose, the possibilities are endless. Or give one of these beautiful boxes to your next iftar host or as Eid party favors – delicious, practical and pretty.

1. Halakom Tamr


Instagram: @halakomtamrofficial

Mob: +966-505849354

Whatsapp: +966-505849354

2. Kahraman Dates


Instagram: @kahraman_dates

Whatsapp: +966-539344566


3. Tmreya

Screenshot (7)

Instagram: @tmreya


4. Nadeed Fateet


Instagram: @nadeed_fateet

Mob: +966-565506658

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