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Four Places for the Best Dates in Sharqiya

Dates in sharqiya Collage

Ramadan is half over Рthere’s no better time to change your date game a bit: try a variety of dates Рwhite chocolate, lotus, rose, the possibilities are endless. Or give one of these beautiful boxes to your next iftar host or as Eid party favors Рdelicious, practical and pretty.

1. Halakom Tamr


Instagram: @halakomtamrofficial

Mob: +966-505849354

Whatsapp: +966-505849354

2. Kahraman Dates


Instagram: @kahraman_dates

Whatsapp: +966-539344566


3. Tmreya

Screenshot (7)

Instagram: @tmreya


4. Nadeed Fateet


Instagram: @nadeed_fateet

Mob: +966-565506658

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