Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Expats in Saudi Can Now Enter Tunisia Visa-Free. Here’s Why You Should Go ASAP.

Expats in Saudi Can Now Enter Tunisia Visa-Free. Here’s Why You Should Go ASAP.

While Tunisia is visa-free for Saudis, the Tunisian government has now made the country visa-free for all GCC expats. All you need is your original residence permit and voila you are granted entry to the beautiful North African country.

1. Sun, sand, and sea – it brings the full combo.

In very few places will you get to feel Mediterranean bliss like here.

2. It used to cost SR 200 to get a Tunisian tourist visa before.

Now, it won’t cost you a dime. tunisia-342855_960_720

3. The country is an interesting combination of North African, Maghrebi and Mediterranean.

The same is reflected in its people, culture and heritage.

4. Despite being small in size, it has a large amount of natural diversity.

Forested coastlines in the north and Saharan sand in the south.tunisia-733613_1920

5. It has rich history as well.

From the remains of the ancient city of Carthage to grand cities constructed during the Islamic Golden ages – even those not into history may fall in love with its charming historical cities.

6. The laid-back capital Tunis has two distinct urban plans.

The new city is the French colonialist type created in the 19th century and then there is the old part of town that has a Maghrebi/Arabian feel to it. star-wars-2082969_960_720

7. Luxury is affordable here.

Many holiday packages offer private coastal cottages at prices that don’t burn a hole in your wallet.

8. It’s only a four-hour flight away from Saudi.

And, flight tickets are pretty reasonable too – with some fares hovering around SR 2,000.


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