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Excuses for not eating or living healthy


If only being fit didn’t require work….

How many times have we all started a fitness regime comprised of over the top workout routines and strict diets? The answer is several, only to back out after a day or a week citing some excuse or the other. These excuses keep getting more creative as the days go by, however, following is a list of some of the most common excuses people (including me) have for getting out of working out or following a diet.

  1. Healthy food/diet programs are expensive

Well, it’s true! The diet programs or packages provided by companies within the city are expensive for the common city dweller. Why not spend on something inexpensive like a burger or a maybe a dessert instead!


  1. Gym memberships are exorbitant and so are the prices of the machinery!

Gym’s in Jeddah are known for their overpriced memberships and buying machinery such as treadmills also costs almost the same. The solution: not working out!


  1. Eating healthy and exercising is too much work!

After a tiring day in university or at the office, the last thing one wants to do is prepare something healthy or exercise. Preparing a healthy meal seems like too much work especially when there is food available at home! Similarly, the idea of going for a walk is unfavorable when you can just sleep or relax.


  1. Stress eating

Stress and eating go hand in hand. I mean one can’t possibly follow a diet or exercise when stressed! The best option in such cases seems to be eating your weight in ice cream or junk food while dreaming of a stress free world.

  1. I worked out yesterday…

That is a pretty valid excuse! I mean exercising with a day’s gap seems favorable and the gap day can be spent catching up on all the calories burnt!


  1. And…laziness!

The most common and also the reason for most excuses above is laziness! Most people agree that they are simply too lazy to bother with making or ordering healthy food or exercising. There is simply nothing that can be done about it!

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