EXCLUSIVE: Saudi film Madayen is ready for the International Film Festival

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Mayaden is an upcoming Saudi feature film that audiences are going to love.

Madayen has been gaining a lot of interest lately, and for good reason. The film, a passion project, is the first of its kind in the Arab world, especially because the genre is Mockumentary. Created by local indie film makers, Madayen will be an exciting experience. We were lucky enough to speak to AbdulHakeem Jomah; the man who wrote the script a few years before it was set to be filmed. He’s also the producer and acted in Madayen alongside Khaled Yeslam and Abdullah Kurashi.

Madayen is the story of three people who are on their way to the city of Al Ula. Their goal is to discover the culture and history of the region, and due to an unexpected turn of events, what they discover is something else entirely. Madayen will be in Arabic with English subtitles.

The feature film was directed by Ayman Tamano, a member of Sl8house Picutres. Madayen will have a limited release at the International Film Festival at the end of the year. It will be available to the public later.

Watch the trailer here:


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