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Beyond PMP: Taking Project Management Ambitions to the Next Level

October 20, 2020 - March 1, 2040

PMP certification of Project Management Professional certification is one of the topmost levels of tech certification. A Project Manager is honored as an integral, most significant, and important part of any organization. Industries like textile, health care, and even IT need a PMP certified Project Manager to manage their projects. 

Project Managers are skilled and highly knowledgeable people who have the experience to handle, monitor, and manage any type of project, irrespective of the industries they work within. With the PMP certification, one can join any industry according to their will.

The Project Management certification is provided by the globally reputed and recognized organization, i.e., PMI or Project Management Institution. The PMI has successfully produced numerous qualified Project Managers across the globe. The PMI has validated the skills, knowledge, and experience of millions of project Managers. 

Roles of a Project Manager

As we said that a project manager is an integral part of any organization; this means that the Project Managers will have to play certain tough and tiring roles in an organization. 

In fact, a Project Manager is a professional who takes on massive amounts of responsibilities on their shoulders. When a company takes on a project, there and then, the leadership body of the company and the stakeholders will conduct a meeting with the Project Manager. Therein they will discuss the budget, time of completion, facilities to gear up the procedures, and so on. Well, the twist here is that when the stakeholders stop their discussion, they will then ask the Project Manager about his views and plans. 

There in that very situation, the Project Manager should have made quick decisions to plan the project. The Project Manager will then will estimate the cost of operations and the amount of time that will take to complete the project. 

After the meeting ends, the Project Manager will discuss each and everything about the project with the leadership body. And then, after planning each and every step of operations, the project manager has to work along with teams to fulfill any project. They will lead or direct the teams working under them to complete any undertaken project.

Ambitions to achieve Beyond PMP

There has been a dilemma of aspirants since ages about PMP certifications. Most of the people think that PMI provides with only PMP certification, but the fact is that the PMI provides certifications beyond PMP. One can say that the PMP certification is one of the most esteemed certifications provided by the PMI.

In this article, we will discuss certifications other than PMP.  

The PgMP Certification

Well, we have the PgMP Certification here. The PgMP or Program Management Professional Certification is one of the most admired additional certifications that can be earned by a PMP certified professional. Yes, the PgMP Certification is an additional certification that can be earned after earning a PMP certification. 

A PgMP certification holder is called Program Manager; program management is an important part of Project Management. This certification helps validate a Project Manager’s skills, knowledge, and experience to handle, monitor, and manage several inter-related projects at a time to meet the demands of various clients. The motto of a Program Manager is to work on a number of projects with different levels of complexities, and by completing such projects, they will have to achieve the business objectives of the company they work within.

How to opt for PgMP Certification?

The process to apply for the PgMP Certification is pretty similar to that of PMP certification. The aspirants have to fill the application form with all sorts of required information related to their work experience and skills related to Project Management.

Required Qualification:

Well, the eligibility criteria for the PgMP Certification are categorized into two options. 

1st Option

  1. The candidates should have achieved the HighSchool Diploma o any global equivalent.
  2. The candidates must have 6,000 hours of Project Management paid work experience and 10,500 hours of paid work experience as a Program Manager in any organization.

2nd Option

  1. If a candidate cannot fulfill the requirements, then they can provide with a four-year degree.
  2. Six thousand hours of Project Management Experience and 6,000 hours of Program Management Experience.

Later after compiling all the required credentials, the candidates have to attach their information with the application form, and they have to mail their forms to the PMI. Then they will hear back from the PMI after their credentials are verified by the reviewing committee of PMI. 

After the completion reviewing session, the candidates will be cross-checked by means of a sort of interview or audit about the experience. After completion of verification, the candidates will then have to fulfill other required evaluations and have to give the required examination to get the PgMP certification.


October 20, 2020
March 1, 2040


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