Enlightened Enterprises

Businesses in the business of giving back.

Many corporations might spend some of their time on CSR (corporate social responsibility), taking on a number of side initiatives in order to give back to society. But, what we’d like to highlight here are enterprises that have actually dedicated their entire existence towards helping the environment and community; their main mission is CSR.

1. Environmental Enterprises

Sensation ‘Wrapped Feelings’

They provide gift-wrapping services but what makes them unique is that they only use environmentally-safe and recyclable materials to wrap gifts. They also provide balloons, flowers and chocolate.

Location: Algosaibi Village, Khobar
Whatsapp: +966-541464058
Snapchat: ssensation
Instagram: wrappedfeelings

Sustainable Buildings Architecture (SBA)

This company specializes in green-building consulting and interior design, architecture and sustainable and environmentally-sensitive construction methods. Its objective is to create innovative architecture that minimizes its environmental impact by considering energy- and water-efficiency and recycling. Its experts consult with owners on the most cost-effective ways to be green during the development of their projects.

Location: Danah Tower (Office 102), 4736 Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Rd., Khobar
Tel: +966-13-8266616
Web: sba.com.sa

2. Social Enterprises

Jana Center (Bena’a Productive Families)

This center helps women from underprivileged families who are interested in working and starting their own business by providing them with zero-interest loans. They also provide a series of educational workshops and a variety of support services.

Location: Across from King Fahd Specialist Hospital, Othman Bin Affan St., Dammam
Tel: +966-13-8425252
Email: info@jana-sa.org
Web: jana-sa.org
Instagram: janacenter


This is an initiative by the King Fahd Specialist Hospital, advocating the responsibility of hospitals towards their patients as not being limited to just physical treatment but also to include providing the right environment to help them heal. This charity is aimed at supporting Eastern Province patients that can’t always afford the best care by providing services that will assist them during their recovery, including medical equipment and supplies for the home, transportation, accommodation and financial support.

Web: tarabot.org
Tel: +966-13-8442790

Instagram: tarabotorg

It3am (Saudi Food Bank)

The Saudi Food Bank started with a group who were determined to increase awareness of food waste in the Kingdom and help make a difference. This non-profit organization works with companies, events, schools and more to increase awareness through exhibitions, workshops and speeches. They also work with various entities to coordinate the clean and safe accumulation and packaging of leftovers from events and redistributing all of it to those in need.

Location: Novotel Hotel, Dammam
Tel: 920008110
Email: info@saudifoodbank.com
Website: saudifoodbank.com
Instagram: saudifoodbank


Focused on helping children that are fighting cancer, RemUs wants to give them a way to still be connected with society and to be remembered by it. They do this by teaching the children how to build and put together Saudi-themed souvenirs that can be sold to the public, with all proceeds going back to cancer charities. With this simple initiative, they give the children something to distract them, to entertain them and to even embolden them with a sense of purpose and of adding value back to the community.

RemUs also offers volunteer services so that you can visit and play with the children, read to them stories and brighten up their day.

Location: Al Rashid Mall (Ground Floor), Khobar
Web: remusgifts.com
Instagram: rem_us
Snapchat: remus_15
Tel: +966-13-8691122
Whatsapp: +966-505775506

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