Enabling Change

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The story of one group’s passion to help their community.

In 2012, a group of businessmen from the Eastern Province came together to form an institution dedicated to orphans and their wellbeing. They organize exhibitions and events and support orphans by funding their education and housing and by finding them jobs.bugsha_expo_khobar_2016AA26

The founders of this institution wanted a name that summarized their vision, “to empower orphans to achieve a happy and successful life through support, education and practical skills,” in a single word. Hence, Tamkiin was born.bugsha_expo_khobar_2016AA30

Earlier this year, Tamkiin took it a step further by organizing a women committee (currently seven members strong) with the aim of increasing their support for female orphans. Their most recent initiative was a ladies-only event held at Holiday Inn entitled Bugsha.bugsha_expo_Khobar_2016_AA1

Lamya Samra came up with the idea for this event that would integrate fashion with art. A fashion design graduate and owner of LAS Boutique in Khobar, Samra worked with the other members of the committee to organize an event that was unparalleled in its elegance – flowing white curtains, exquisite cream flooring and delicate decoration with pops of color here and there.bugsha_expo_khobar_2016AA47

All proceeds, the rents of the booths and tickets that were sold, were gifted from the community to orphans. The board managed to get some of the best designers in the region to showcase their fashion collections, but even after the success of Bugsha, the women say that this is only “step zero” in their journey to empowering orphans and encouraging the community to do its part.bugsha_expo_Khobar_2016_AA6

Story Time:

Twenty eight year old electrical engineer Ibrahim Abdulqader had always dreamt of holding a PhD in his field. He admits that academic life was sometimes hard for him as he never had the support of parents, but was always surrounded by people who deeply cared for his success. After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Ibrahim was struggling financially and had no hope of continuing his education. That’s when Tamkiin stepped in and helped him complete his Masters in Project Management from Australia. Ibrahim is determined to continue pursuing his dream and become an integral part of the society.bugsha_expo_khobar_2016AA39

Tamkiin Founders

  • Khalid Al Khan – General Director
  • Saud Al Ansari – Chairman of Board of Administration
  • Hasan bin Ibrahim Al Ammari – Treasurer
  • Mohammad Al Awadhi
  • Daoud Al Ghosaibi
  • Ibrahim Al Attas
  • Mohammed Al Rashed
  • Abdul Mohsen Al Khalidi
  • Fahad Al Binali
  • Faisal Abdulla Fouad
  • Abdulaziz Al Khuraiji
  • Ali Al Turki

Web: tamkiin.org.sa
Email: info@tamkiin.org.sa
Tel: +966-13-8321213

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