Electro Does Something Special for Jeddah’s Community at its Opening

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With Electro wanting to open up its first branch in Jeddah, the management was brainstorming different ideas on how to make it a platform for contributing to the people of Jeddah, all the while adding value to Electro’s entrance into Jeddah’s market.

Initially, it was decided that there would be a race between two individuals who were selected at random via social media announcements who would try to gather as many electronic equipment as possible and use it for themselves. The idea than further developed into inviting social media influences because it would create a greater impact on the community and awareness. The team agrees, and hence the idea became a reality. The concept was for these two social media influencers to race and grab as many technological items they could under a span of 150 seconds. The equipment collected would then be donated to a charity of their choice.

In the last 10 seconds of the race, a twist occurred when Hilmi Nattu transferred his collections to Faris Al Turki’s pile to maximise the value of the proceeds to that one charity. This helped generate around SR 90,000 worth of equipment to be donated to Al Faisalya Women Welfare Society.

CEO of Electro, Bader Alkadi believes that this concept hit two birds with one stone by incorporating community engagement by doing something for a good cause while creating high buzz for the store opening in the city. Two more branches are set to open in Riyadh and Makkah where the #Run2Win shall also take place by involving ordinary as well.

Electro’s opening in Jeddah marks a superior offering of services pre, during and post sales, in addition to promising shoppers the latest launches in technology.

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