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DR’s Hot Picks: Netflix And Gender

Let’s Netflix and Learn with our favorite documentary picks.

It’s the battle of the sexes’ documentaries.

Miss Representation

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Which comes first, public opinion or media representation? Which informs the other? These are some of the questions this documentary explores. It criticizes the way mainstream media repeatedly underrepresents and misrepresent women which leads to them being under represented in society. It argues that the media landscape has repetitively, unapologetically and, worst of all, unknowingly been guilty of sexism.

The Mask You Live In


A brainchild of the same filmmaker, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, The Mask You Live In is more or less a sequel to Miss Representation. While its female counterpart focused more on how mainstream media affects the perception of women, this documentary focuses on society’s perception of what it is to be a man. It speaks to how society labels being a man as rejecting everything feminine. An idea the documentary refutes by presenting psychological tests that show that boys’ and girls’ answers overlap by 90 percent, concluding that both genders have more in common than not. It argues that even the language associated with masculinity (i.e. man up) encourages apathy, aggression and dominance.

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