Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

DR’s Favorites: Best Of

DR’s Favorites: Best Of

Crop of the cream for this year’s food issue.

It’s been a great year for Riyadh, food-wise. With restaurants from coveted franchises to brilliant new concepts popping up everywhere, we’re kind of getting spoiled for choice. We compiled a list of our favorites for you.

Best Experience:

Melting Pot

We’re always up for a good fondue, and the way Melting Pot has everything arranged is marvelous fun. High end dining with a twist, we like to think.

Twitter: tmp_saudi
Instagram: tmp_saudi
Tel: 920002690

Best Dessert:

Magnolia-banana-cream-pieMagnolia – Banana Cream Pie
Trust us, this stuff is the food of legends. Probably the one edible everyone in the office agrees on!

Instagram: Magnoliabakeryksa
Tel: +966-11-2292157 / +966-11-2291782

Best Service:


Want to feel like a king or queen? Go to Nozomi. The waiters instinctively know whenever you need the slightest help, and plates are freshened up between each dish. DR recommends the black cod maki.

Instagram: nozomi_riyadh
Tel: +966-11-4157655

Best Tucked Away:

La Rustica

We’ve mentioned them twice in this issue already, but we absolutely love the fact that the young Saudi owners are the ones running, cooking and managing in the restaurant. And the burrata is flown in fresh from Italy!

Instagram: La_rustica_sa
Mob: +66-553252521

Best Instagram Trial by Jury:

Framboise and Olive

Hands down our favorite cheesecake in town, and she’s ever so generous with her berries! And she’s flexible with gluten-free requests, which is something we always appreciate.

Mob: +966-590242433

Best Kept Secret:

Secret Chinese Restaurant

Super authentic, pretty awesome, and no, we’re still not telling you where it is.

Best New Concept:


We’re so happy someone finally decided to commercially introduce Saudi food with a modern twist. It’s been our one gripe with the food industry. And we love the branding! Way to go, Bialah.

Tel: 8002474400
Instagram: bialahksa

Best Burger:


You can feel the love they put in the food. Besides, they’ve got the most innovative menu we’ve seen for a classic burger joint. Pulled beef, anyone? And their dynamite shrimp! YUM.

Mob: +966-508660741
Twitter: tomahawk_grill
Instagram: tomahawk_grill

Best Decor:

Bistro-by-Tao-2Bistro by Tao

We’re still undecided on the food, as it’s mostly a hit or miss, but we can’t deny the restaurant has a gorgeous vibe. We love the mismatched vintage plates with the matching placemats. And the secret garden vibe is cute, too. Special nod to the wall done by Nughamshi, renowned Saudi calligraphist.

Tel: +966-11-4400024
Instagram: bistrobytao


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