Doroob’s Seeking Refuge Campaign

Doroob’s global campaign honors refugees and invites people to share how to give or seek refuge.

In honor of the United Nations World Refuge Day, Doroob collaborated with Six Seconds to launch the global campaign, Seeking Refuge.

In the light of geopolitical tensions, Doroob’s campaign highlights the giving and seeking of refuge as a shared human experience. Doroob’s campaign objective was to empower the youth and Doroob Ambassadors, and to raise awareness about emotional intelligence.

Solafa Batterjee with the workshop participants.

Solafa Batterjee with the workshop participants.

Stage One

The Chalkboard Conversation provided a platform for the public to practice emotional intelligence. Chalkboards were set up in various campaigns and organizations and people were invited to give their perspective and to reflect on the various ways they seek or provide refuge. The heartfelt responses showed the emotional intimacy of caring for another human being.

Youth’s Seeking Refuge Workshop

Youth’s Seeking Refuge Workshop

Stage Two

The Seeking Refuge Dialogue brought together people from various walks of life; youth, leaders and field ambassadors actively involved in helping refugees. The event was a platform to learn how emotional intelligence could be used as tool during challenging times, how to increase empathy and mutual understanding and how to be a more compassionate change-maker.

The Seeking Refuge campaign took place on an impressive global scale with 410 Seeking Refuge volunteer facilitators and over 18,000 participants.

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