Domino Divers at it Again


They took their diving skills to the North Pole this time.

The Domino diving team, Hussam Shukri and Mariam Fardous, has successfully etched their name in history as being the first Saudis to dive at the North Pole.


Their trip across the Russian, Finnish and Norwegian borders to the highest point at the North Pole took more than 17 hours. The diving took at this high point, needless to say it was in the freezing cold weather. They set up camp and stayed there for almost 5 days.

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This accomplishment has enabled them to sign up for the Guinness World Record as the first Arab divers at the location. They are currently awaiting the results.

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They had a similar experience last year diving in the Arctic Circle in preparation for their North Pole expedition. They faced a few more challenges this time around though, starting from the colder temperature of -40 degrees. The freezing wind also broke off the plane’s runway a couple of times as the divers descended. Keeping the diving hatch open was also difficult because the sliding ice kept closing it off.

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Diving in the presence of wild animals, such as polar bears, was also risky and required high vigilance. Even drinking water proved to be hard. Not to mention the trip’s expenses that reached up to 400 thousand riyals.

The Domino Divers have made Saudi proud once more with their newest adventure. They will continue embarking on brave endeavors to prove that hard work and determination will always pay off.

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