Ditch Your Eyeliners

Photo Credit: youtube.com

If you’ve always struggled to get that perfect winged eyeliner but it just never happens? Or you never get the same wing on both your eyes?

I never managed to achieve either and have decided to ditch all the eyeliners that I’ve tried over the years in hopes to get the perfect line. You may be wondering why, that’s because i found a way to make my eyes look beautifully lifted without the need of a black eyeliner.

The secret behind it is eyeshadow. It looks ten times prettier and more natural. Here’s how you can go about using it.


  • Get a dark brown eyeshadow (I’m using the darkest shade on my naked basics).
  • Using a small brush, carefully brush the color under your lower lash line.
  • Starting from the middle of your eye to the outer corner of your eye.
  • Taking that color again brush it along the outer corners from your upper lash line, thus, connecting both lines.
  • What you’ll do with the other brush is soften those lines that are creating a cat eye shape But a softer and more beautiful one.
  • Finishing that you will apply a lifting mascara like Benefit’s Roller Lash coat on.
  • And end it with an extra lift with a lash curler only curly the lashes on the corners of your eyes which will enhance the cateye shape.

This way you’ll save up on your money and time and look beautiful all at the same time.

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