Discover Dining in Sharqiya: Beit Misk

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Photography by AlZahra Aldawood
Video by Nahla Al Sardi
Destination Sharqiya is on a new mission and this time we want to bring you the best of Sharqiya’s dining scene. This month, we were at Beit Misk, a Lebanese fusion restaurant in Dammam. Read and watch on to find out what we thought.

When we first heard Lebanese fusion, we weren’t too enthusiastic because how many times have we heard, “a unique twist on traditional food”? However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Beit Misk has actually done it, and really well at that.

The restaurant is a bright and cozy place, perfect for a relaxing afternoon or even a celebratory dinner.

The food is brilliant – both great looking and delicious. Take, for example, the Mama Ghanouj – a pink twist on the popular Baba Ghanouj (the secret is some added beetroot). It wouldn’t be wise to talk about any of their potato dishes without drooling all over the keyboard so we’ll let the images speak for themselves. Their grilled platters are great too, but what I personally loved best and find myself craving every other day is their Beit Misk Salad – an absolute explosion of unexpected flavors. You have to try it to believe it.

Next up were the desserts, from cotton candy covered ice-cream to sizzling kunafa, everything is an exciting adventure for any sweet tooth.

Overall, we would give everything on their menu five stars.


More Details
  • Location: Prince Mohammad bin Fahad Street, Dammam
  • Mob: +966-532897666 
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