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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Dining in Sharqiya – Al Yacht Restaurant

Dining in Sharqiya – Al Yacht Restaurant
By Nahla Al Sardi and Al Zahra Al Dawood
We tried out another restaurant this month, just for you! Al Yacht is a seafood restaurant in Khobar – affordable, delicious and a popular choice.

Here’s a breakdown of some of our favorites:

Mint leaves are the most delicious touch to any fattoush. Al Yacht makes this traditional salad ultra-refreshing and the presentation is just the coolest. We loved the touch of balsamic vinegar too.

Al Yacht Hummus
This trio is a must have – delicious, unique and so pretty, we loved the pesto hummus!

Warag enab
Sour and yummy!

Blue Lagoon Juice
Ice cold and refreshing, this was the perfect side to all the delicious food.

Shrimp Osmalyah
Crispy golden shrimps with a sweet and sour sauce – this was one of our favorite hot appetizers.

Shrimp Mashkool
FIVE STARS FOR THIS ONE! King prawns with rice topped with onions, herbs and nuts. This was definitely the winning main dish.

Hamour with saffron sauce
You’ll love this dish with a twist of lemon!

Lotus explosion
ADDICTIVE! If you go back for just one dish, rest assured it will be this one.


Watch the video here:

More Info

Location: King Faisal Road, Khobar

Tel: +966 -13-8821882

Facebook: AlYachtrest 

Where should Destination Sharqiya head to next? Email us on with your tips and scoops. 


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