Did You Say You Have Leftover food?

Whether it’s leftovers from a party or a dinner at a restaurant, it’s our responsibility to make sure food doesn’t go to waste. If you paid for it, then it’s yours, so you should never feel awkward about asking to get your food packed.

If you’re planning a big party you can contact these two groups to help you make sure your leftovers don’t go to waste:

Etaam (Saudi Food Bank)

A non-profit organization established by a group of businessmen in Sharqiya hoping to spread the culture of food preservation and reduce the amount of food waste, they currently have six locations in the country. Just provide your contact information, type of occasion and hour of pick-up.

Web: saudifoodbank.com

Alhaflat (iOS App)

leftover1An application that specializes in event planning and also offers food preservation services in different cities throughout Saudi. You can choose a location, call and arrange for any excess food that you have post-event.

Tell us what you do with your leftovers!

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