Destination Jeddah’s Brilliant Bagel Bar Breakfast

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Bagel is the New Bread/ Breaking Bagel/ The Bagel Diaries

On a one fine morning, we embarked on our Break-Fest, this time heading to Bagel Bar Coffee House. (All while thinking of those bagel show puns)

We present you with a list of everything we tried over there and encourage you to go for on your next food venture. Also guess what? The menu counts all the calories each dish served contains! The bagel bar cushions there also won points with us.

We tried their Irish coffee, which is a specialty. It slides down to fill your morning void with much needed caffeine.BAgel-Bar-Irish-CofeeWe were confused as to whether we should go for their breakfast platter or pick separate bagel choices. So we went for both!

It is important to mention that there are 7 kinds of bagels to select from:

*plain * sesame *onion *cheese and jalapeños *sundried tomatoes *multi-green seed *everything bagel

Breakfast Platter:

Bagel-Bar-Breakfast-Platter2 beef sausages, 2 beef bacons, scrambled eggs, bean bowl, hash brown, toast, black coffee and orange juice.

Scrumptious and crispy, this platter has the best of everything for those who don’t want to be adventurous during their breakfast.

Halloumi Bagel:

Bagel-Bar--Halloumi-BagelSimply great! The chewy grilled halloumi cheese stuffed in between the bagel rings and placed on top of a layer of basil pesto and covered in sun dried tomatoes tasted delicious. It was also served with potato wedges on the side, because potatoes are always a good idea!

Maui Bagel:

Bagel-Bar-TunaFor all the tuna lovers out there, we encourage you to try the maui bagel. Tuna mixed in with wholegrain mustard and mayo. It has bits of onions chopped off on top and is also squeezed between onion bagels.

Now you know where to go for your next breakfast, try new things and let us know about them.

Instagram: thebagelbar.ksa
Location: Abdullah Al Arasi, Al-Rawdah Dist.

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