Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination Jeddah Goes to Al Ayoubi for a Hearty Breakfast

Destination Jeddah Goes to Al Ayoubi for a Hearty Breakfast

We took off on an early ride to Obhur so we can visit Al Ayoubi for a Hejazi breakfast; also we really wanted to drive by the corniche there.

Al Ayoubi did not disappoint at all. The ambience is perfect with the traditional décor that encompassed woven tamees holders, tiny miniatures of Hejazi vendors, custom decorated furniture, lanterns and wool rugs. There is also an indoor room for privacy or large gatherings. Even though everything was very Hejazi, Fayrouz was playing in the background, but hey good music is important no matter what the cuisine.

The restaurant opens from 6 -11:30 a.m. then 6 p.m. till 12:30 a.m. As Ramadan is just around the corner, the restaurant will be open during iftar and suhoor timings.

Here is a list of everything we ordered that made us very happy:

Plain and cheese tamees

Ayouby-TameesTamees has etched itself into the brains of everyone living in Saudi Arabia, no matter what nationality they are from. In Al Ayoubi, they know that and their tamees is oh so right!

Eggs ala’ Ayoubi

Aouby-EggThe restaurant’s signature egg dish was well cooked and very colorful.

Foul mubakhar

ayouby-1So smoky and has a prevalent bbq smell and flavor that we just couldn’t have enough off.

Sidi Hamza foul

Ayouby-Foul-cheeseAnother signature dish, this plate of foul includes bits of cheese and spicy chilli. Tradition with a twist.

Kebda aka liver

Ayouby-LiverEven those who are not big fan of liver should try this dish. It is well prepared and the liver is embraced by an assortment of veggies like bell pepper and tomatoes and is not chewy or elastic.


Ayoby-MutabbagWe were blessed by 3 types of muttabag.

One with meat, another with olives and cheese (very special, we have not come across this one before.) Finally, the nutella muttabag, which made our day. As we felt the warm Nutella squish out of the thin layers of the muttabag; our hearts melted.

Maa’soob with corn flakes

Ayouby-Cornflakes-Maasoub-2The creamy texture of the maa’soob along with the crunchiness of the flakes mashed up together perfectly for this dish. According to one of our editors, “if you eat only this, you are set for LIFE.”

For a wonderful day and great food, we advise you to head over to Al Ayoubi.

Location: Al Rabha Center, Northern Obhur



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