Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination Eats Out: Riyadh

Destination Eats Out: Riyadh

Our top pick of restaurants in 2021.

The country has been booming with new restaurants and coffee shops in recent years‭. ‬It almost seems that a new restaurant or cafe opens every day‭! ‬With the abundance of spots to eat and drink available‭. ‬Here are our‭ ‬top picks‭.‬



Located in Panorama mall, you won’t only find live music, a tranquil atmosphere, and a rich interior, but also a unique dining experience giving you the feel of an elevated food court. Make sure to check out Tacoville.



Brought to you all the way from London, this award-winning restaurant is a memorable experience in and of itself. This Japanese Robatayaki restaurant, located in Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Road has quickly become one of Riyadh’s most visited dining locations.



Immerse yourself in a 3D dining experience where visual illusions are used to enhance everything within your grasp. Located in the Marriot Hotel, prepare yourselves a 2-hour 6-course meal that’ll entice your senses. Treat your tastebuds and enjoy the interactive dining experience. 


Finca Rosalia

For an authentic and fresh experience, indulge in Finka Rosalia’s meals, brought to you directly from the farm to your plate. With their Rosalia Farm located in Vizmalo in Northern Spain, the restaurant provides you with unique flavors from the highly renowned Wagyu beef. 



Serving traditional Morrocan dishes, Kasbah allows you to experience the Morrocan culture while enjoying a high-end dining experience. It is located in Riyadh Boulevard and is overlooking the beautiful water fountains for a magnificent dining experience.


Bal’harm‭ ‬

With a name that refers to the historical Italian city of Palermo during the Arab rule of Sicily, this Italian restaurant is rich in Italian history mixed with Arab heritage, as well as authentic and unique Italian cuisine. Discover the rich history of Palermo and its Arab influence.


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