Destination Eats Out: Jeddah

Our top pick of restaurants in 2021.

The country has been booming with new restaurants and coffee shops in recent years‭. ‬It almost seems that a new restaurant or cafe opens every day‭! ‬With the abundance of spots to eat and drink available‭. ‬Here are our‭ ‬top picks‭.‬

Beit Ward

At Beit Ward, enjoy the traditional yet lively atmosphere of Lebanon. This fine dining establishment will have you coming back for more. The elegant interior, the contrasting colors, the relaxing atmosphere has a rustic feel to them. Be sure to pass Ash Shati district if you’d like a taste of Lebanon’s finest.



Burgo gives a classic American vibe while employing a modern feel to the interior design. It’s the kind of place you call a burger joint and restaurant at the same time. Located in Ar Rawdah, Burgo boasts a simple menu with a few variations to a pleasant degree. They’ve even got fried corn! 

The Plan

Burgers, fries, and cerelac? A strange combination, but it surprisingly works. Specializing in Tex Mex cuisine The Plan takes you back to your fondest childhood memories in the form of enjoyable deserts, which is their signature item. Located in Ash Shati, The Plan is a little slice of home away from home.  


With an aesthetically pleasing interior, Paplos not only pleases the eye but also the taste buds. Pastel pinks all around the interior, the Italian-themed cuisine is both wholesome and soothing for anyone stepping in. With quite the selection of dishes, there’s never a dull culinary moment at Paplo’s.

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