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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Debunked College Myths

Debunked College Myths

Whatever tired clichés that exist about university life out in the world, Riyadh is different.

The Riyadh college experience is uniquely, well, Riyadh. So where is a high school senior supposed to turn to for advice about the world they’re about to step into? Here of course. The DR team is about to debunk some of the most prevalent college stereotypes.

“You’ll meet friends that you’ll keep for a long time.”

Yeah, but I already met them before. They are literally the same people I went to school with my entire life. Riyadh’s social scene can seem like it’s the size of a pea. Most people are at most three degrees of separation from each other.

“College is when you become an adult.”

Sure, an adult. An adult that doesn’t pay rent can’t cook a meal or do laundry.

“College is a time of exploration.”side-coffe-hold

Explore where you can sneak a cigarette without getting caught, explore where the quietest area to study, and of course explore how long you can survive on coffee and energy drinks.

“College is the best time of your life.”

Hate to burst your bubble, but a lot of the time it actually isn’t. College is just a single chapter in your story. It isn’t even one of the exciting ones for that matter. Though it might seem like the climax of your story, when you leave and look at it through the rearview mirror it’ll just keep getting smaller and smaller.

“You’ll miss it when you leave.”

I guess this one is kind of true. Your memories of college will be a mix of ups and downs, but luckily the ups stick in your mind more. Generally, most people look back on their time in college with a sense of nostalgia. Mostly nostalgia for the days when you can miss a deadline with barely a negative repercussion, but nostalgia nonetheless.

So our parting words of wisdom are: Live it up, the good and the bad. This is your chance to make mistakes and learn from them.mine-cut-out

You know you’re a college student in Riyadh…

“When you have a dress code in college… The black skirt.”  – Yara Jan, PNU.

“The moment you realize you still need to look decent, but college doesn’t allow that.”  – Reema Al Rashid, PSU

“The time my dad had to sign a makeshift photo ID of the driver so they know I’m not being kidnapped.”  – Sara Al Saif, KSU

“When every other sector gets the day off for a storm except universities, because college students are amphibians and can survive in water.” –  Abeer Al Shathri, YU

“When your professor forgets that he’s supposed to be teaching in English.” – Taha Khursheed, PSU

“When your coffee cup melts on the way to class.”  – Ahmed Nasir, PSU


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