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Deadpool Film Review

Deadpool Film Review

Hilariously crude – it’s a must watch.

R- rated (Not particularly suitable for children)


In case you happen to be one of the people who don’t keep track of Marvel’s endeavors, here is the official Deadpool trailer.

Note: You will need to sign into your YouTube account to watch the trailer, as it’s not suitable for children.

I’m a huge fan of Marvel Entertainment; I’ve dedicated time to watching every film and catching up on series. I loved Deadpool in X-men Origins: Wolverine and l was over the moon when word got out that they were giving him his very own film.

Released in Feb 2016, it is the highest grossing R- Rated film of all time, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Humor, adult language, action sequences and the featured X-men characters combined; make this film worth every second of watching time.


The film follows the story of Wade Wilson, who discovers he is dying of cancer and is consequently approached by a mysterious man – backed by Ajax, who offers him a way out. The way out being an experiment ends up giving him superpowers, but taking away his exceedingly good looks.

If you fell in love with chatty not-able-to-shut-up Deadpool in X-men Origins: Wolverine, you will fall even more deeply in love with him or end up hating his obnoxious guts in this film.

Film Nags:

  1. I didn’t really appreciate the fully CGI-ed Collosus; I found him fake and annoying; basically I wasn’t really into his scenes.
  2. In X-men Origins: Wolverine, Wade was already Deadpool in our present time. So it was a bit confusing to see his story begin in the present time too.

Film Favorites:

  1. Cab driver Dopinder, played byKaran Soniwas probably one of my most enjoyable characters. His innocence and then subsequent attempt at being badass was highly amusing to watch.

Deadpool Press Conference:

Ryan Reynolds on The Graham Norton Show:


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